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TCEA Professional Development courses are in the areas of curriculum, instruction, leadership, and technology, and include topics such as robotics, tech integration, curriculum, networking, technical, and webmastering. All TCEA Professional Development courses vary in length, are offered in different regions across the state, and are delivered in a variety of formats including face-to-face, webinars, video conferences, and online courses.

NOTE: (OS) indicates onsite only.

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(+) Adobe Dreamweaver (Macintosh or Windows)

Participants will learn how to create and manage a school website using Adobe Dreamweaver. This session will guide attendees through the process of creating a website from scratch, and will cover basic operations including creating tables, inserting web-ready images, video and flash animations, hyper linking, and basic HTML. (OS)

(+)Adobe Flash (Macintosh or Windows)

Participants will learn how to create graphic animations for the web in Adobe Flash. (OS)

(+)Adobe Illustrator (Macintosh or Windows)

Participants will learn how to create web-ready graphics in Adobe Illustrator. This course starts at a fundamental level and works through intermediate concepts. (OS)

(+)Adobe Photoshop (Macintosh or Windows)

Participants will learn how to edit and work with images in Adobe Photoshop. Learn the industry standard tool for creating rich imagery for a variety of applications including video, print, and the web in this comprehensive training. (OS)

(+)Advanced Graphic Design Dreamweaver

This online course will cover advanced tools and tricks in Adobe Dreamweaver

(+)Advanced Graphic Design Photoshop

This online course will cover advanced tools and tricks in Adobe Photoshop.

(+)Advanced NXT-G Robotics (Grades 7-12)

This course will cover the data and advanced pallets found in the NXT-G software. Hands-on programming will include cascading switches, multiple tasks, variables and data hubs.

(+)Advanced Website Design

Participants will tweak, edit and troubleshoot their websites and learn advanced features like adding forms, advanced HTML, advanced elements such as drop-down navigation menus, and incorporate interactive maps, RSS feeds, and more. (OS)

(+)The After-School Robotics Club

Thinking about starting a robotics club after school? Check out this webinar to launch your robotics program. Organizational tips, activities and other resources will be shared.

(+)Android Devices and Apps

This webinar will examine the many tablet devices available running the Google operating system. It will also include both productivity and curricular apps.

(+)Assessing 21st Century Skills

Participants in this webinar will explore the different tools for assessing mastery of 21st century skills including collaboration, critical thinking, evaluating information, creativity and more.

(+)Assessing Technology Literacy in Staff and Students

This webinar will discuss various ways to assess technology literacy in both staff and students, including the use of electronic portfolios. NCLB requirements will also be covered.

(+)Becoming a Certified Google Apps Education Trainer

This highly interactive, three-day workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to master Google applications while preparing for the official Google certification exam. Attendees will learn how to use these free tools and identify educational uses for interactive online classroom learning. Google applications covered in the academy are exclusive to the Google Apps Education Edition and include: Calendar, AppsMail, Docs, Groups, Sites, and other tools like Labs, Google Moderator and Video

To better prepare participants for the exam, a review and practice exam questions will be provided. Participants will take the six exams throughout the academy to complete the course requirements. A separate Google application is required by Google to complete the certification.

(+)Beyond the Beginning: Intermediate NXT Robotics

Extend your programming skills with the sensor, data, and advanced blocks in the NXT-G programming software. The class will connect 21st century learning strategies to STEM through robotics.

(+)Budget and Finance

Effective budgeting, bid requirements, purchasing laws, donation policies, E-Rate management, financial planning, and more will be covered in this session for district-level technology leaders.

(+)Building a Technology Vision and Plan

In this webinar, participants will develop a vision for instructional technology use based on 21st century skills from Tony Wagner. The emphasis will be on ensuring that their vision is based on student learning and not on "stuff." NCLB, E-Rate, and Title IID requirements for technology plans will also be examined.

(+)Building Learning Communities for Staff and Students

Participants in this webinar will learn how to utilize Web 2.0 social media tools to build collaborative communities for personal development for teachers and students.

(+)Cell Phones in the Classroom

Banned or embraced? This webinar will focus on the issues and potential solutions for using cell phones in the classroom for learning.

(+)Collaboration Tools for Students and Teachers

Come explore the latest FREE Web 2.0 tools and leave this session with a tool kit full of online interactive resources. Explore the best technology tools students and teachers can use to collaborate with each other, parents, and education experts. Participants will explore the uses for and benefits of web-based learning systems such as voice discussion boards, animation tools, search tools, online collaboration tools, virtual classrooms, and controlled instant messaging. (OS)

(+)Connecting Math and Science TEKS with WEDO (Grades K-4)

Now that you've learned the WEDO system, find out more about enhancing your math and science instruction using robotics. Participants will discover specific TEKS that can be easily and effectively addressed by the WEDO system.

(+)Cool Tools and Trends

This webinar series of 20 sessions will provide participants with the latest "cool tools," including Web 2.0 goodies. A different topic will be presented at each session.

(+)Copyright for the 21st Century

This webinar provides participants the opportunity to fully understand copyright laws, fair use policies, and Creative Commons licensing.

(+)Curriculum Design

This webinar series is designed for those who may not have a background in curriculum. It offers an in-depth examination of the difference between curriculum and instruction using the Technology Applications TEKS as a framework. Participants will go through a brief curriculum revision process during the training.

(+)Cyber Safety and Security

Too often, student's online interactions are questionable and unproductive, and usually without adult supervision. This set of two webinars will help teachers, technology leaders, and parents understand what students should know to use technology appropriately. Participants will focus on strategies for implementing digital citizenship programs in their schools.

(+)Delivering Quality Instruction in an Online Environment

In this session, participants will explore strategies for how and when to implement online learning environments that best suit learner styles, and will define characteristics of successful online teachers. Attendees will explore the different types of online learning types, including full immersion and blended. Participants will be exposed to multiple online classroom environments like Moodle, NiceNet, and Google Sites. Web 2.0 tools that enhance online education will also be discussed. During day two, participants will apply innovative online learning strategies to build an online environment. (OS)

(+)Designing 21st Century Schools

As your school district plans new buildings and retrofits old ones, how can you ensure that they will serve the technological needs of students and staff today and in the future? This webinar will examine infrastructure requirements and technology trends, along with how to incorporate millennial learning styles in building design.

(+)Digital Storytelling in the 21st Century (Macintosh)

Attendees will learn how to create digital storytelling with 21st century tools like Animoto, iMovie, XtraNormal, and others. Participants will explore different tools and practical applications for introducing the methodology into a classroom setting and will receive storyboarding and planning tools. (OS)

(+)Digital Storytelling in the 21st Century (Windows)

Attendees will learn how to create digital storytelling with 21st century tools like Animoto, MovieMaker, XtraNormal, and others. Participants will explore different tools and practical applications for introducing the methodology into a classroom setting and will receive storyboarding and planning tools. (OS)

(+)Effective, Engaging Professional Development

What makes professional development different from just another workshop? This experience will share the latest research and best practices to ensure that your participants are still learning long after the training is over. Take home all of the latest tips and tricks for ensuring that your message is not only heard, but also acted upon in the classroom.

(+)Enhancing Reading and Writing Learning Environments

Learn about Web 2.0 tools that provide opportunities for learners to exercise and master writing and reading skills while targeting 21st century oral and written communication skills. Attendees benefit from strategies for implementing these tools and a tool kit of Web 2.0 tools for use with K-12 and adult education. (OS)

(+)Gear Up with TCEA Robotics: A Five-Day Introductory Course

This five-day training will provide a solid foundation of the SUPER 6 components of robotics: NXT brick, building bots, NXT-G software, Engineering Journal, programming and problem solving. Throughout this course, plenty of time will be provided to practice programming skills and work collaboratively on lessons/challenges. Participants will leave prepared to start a robotics program in the classroom, campus or district level with resources designed to teach STEM content and concepts, as well as 21st century skills such as creativity, problem solving, teamwork and critical thinking. Come prepared to experience a complete robotics training!

(+)Global Education: Connecting to the World

In this webinar, attendees will learn about the different tools, strategies, and programs that provide opportunities for learners to connect globally and practice 21st century skills like collaboration and oral and written skills.

(+)Google Apps for Education

This highly interactive, two-day workshop will provide participants the opportunity, in small learning groups, to master Google applications. Attendees will learn how to use these free tools and identify educational uses for interactive online classroom learning. Google Applications covered include: Calendar, Desktop, Docs, Earth, eBlogger, Groups, iGoogle, Maps, Notebook, Picasa, Reader, Sites, Scholar, Search, Squared, Sketchup, Talk, Video,and an overview of Contacts, GMail, Voice, and Wave. (OS)

(+)Hardware, Software, and Network Management

Technology leaders will explore best practices in hardware selection, network management and security, online testing requirements, cyber safety, disaster recovery, 1:1 immersion projects, and Total Cost of Ownership.

(+)Harness the Power of Google SketchUp Pro

Attend this free one-hour overview of Google SketchUp Pro to learn about the new features and potential it has for the 21st century classroom.

(+)How to Troubleshoot and Maintain Windows 7

This course will guide the attendee through the ins and outs of troubleshooting the Windows 7 environment. Through hands-on labs, the attendee will master skills needed to troubleshoot different types of hardware issues and the different security issues within Windows 7. Ways to install and deploy the operating system and the difference between a workgroup and domain will also be covered. (OS)

(+)I Can Make an App for That!

Learn how to develop applications for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad in this programming session. Participants will create simple apps that foster logical programming style.

(+)iDevices and Special Needs Students

This hands-on workshop examines the role the iPad and iPod touch should take in the classroom for special needs learner. Participants may bring their own devices or register to use one of TCEA's. Apps for modification and differentiation will be covered, along with accessibility features of the devices. Note: This is an intermediate level course. Participants should already be familiar with the basics of iPad or iPod touch use.

(+)iDevices in Education

This webinar series of 20 sessions will focus on the use of the iPod touch, iPad, and iPad 2 in the classroom. Participants will deeply explore the management of such devices, how to change standard lesson plans to best utilize the technology, and best practices with regards to curriculum and app selection. Peripheral resources will also be covered in depth.

(+)iLife for Language and Literacy (Macintosh)

Attendees create media-rich digital projects to enhance ELL, ESL, and special education content. Participants will use Garage Band to create multiple-language podcasts for speaking literacy, iPhoto to create photo books for vocabulary comprehension, and iMovie to create digital movies to enhance writing and speaking skills. (OS)

(+)iLife for the 21st Century Learner (Macintosh)

Participants will explore and learn how to use iLife tools (iPhoto, iMovie, iWeb, iDVD, iChat, and Garage Band) for building opportunities for students to build critical 21st century skills. This session will allow attendees to gain experience creating digital content for their campus or classroom. (OS)

(+)Implementing an Effective Research Process for Your Campus

The research process has changed based on the prevalence of information overload and 21st century skills and tools. This workshop will provide participants with a strategy to implement an improved research process on their campuses successfully.

(+)Implementing Google Tools into K-12 Classrooms

Now that you've learned how to use Google tools, take your classroom to the next level by applying the use of these tools to your daily classroom teaching and learning practice. Create media-rich Google environments for collaboration, communication, homework help, anytime/anywhere learning opportunities, and innovative and creative outlets for student assessments. Note: Prerequisite for this course is the "Google Apps for Education" workshop. (OS)

(+)Introduction to LabVIEW Education Edition Programming Software

National Instruments LabVIEW Education Edition software is a graphical programming environment widely used in education and by scientists and engineers in industry. With LabVIEW, you can quickly build a program to log data, power a robot, or analyze information. This workshop is appropriate for high school teachers that have been using NXT-G programming software and would like to challenge their students with a more complex graphical programming language with greater functionality.

(+)Introduction to LEGO Mindstorms NXT Robotics System for Teaching Renewable Energy

Delve into the latest robotics technology with the LEGO NXT Robotics Renewable Energy addon set. This workshop is appropriate for middle school teachers that are interested in developing an engineering program and also is geared toward high school Physics and Environmental Science teachers. Participants will predict and measure the power generated by a wind turbine, hydro turbine, and solar vehicle. Predict and measure current and voltage with a solar station. Take part in an activity that illustrates the understanding of potential and kinetic energy.

(+)Introduction to the NXT Robotics System (Grades 5-12)

Participants will gain a solid foundation of building and programming in this workshop. The SUPER 6 Components of Robotics: NXT brick, LME software, Engineering Journal, building bots, programming and problem solving are covered step-by-step. Throughout this course, connections to science and math curriculum will be addressed. Attendees will be given resources and materials on First LEGO League Competitions and TCEA Robotics Competitions. This will be a fast-paced, hands-on, engaging workshop!

(+)Introduction to Scratch

Learn programming with MIT's Scratch, a free and easy programming language for today's millennial students. Learn to create interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art while thinking creatively, reasoning systematically, and working collaboratively. (OS)

(+)Introduction to the WeDo Robotics System (Grades K-4)

The WEDO Robotics System, designed especially for students in grades 2nd - 4th, takes your elementary STEM classroom to a new level. This workshop is for the elementary teacher that has no prior experience using robotics or building with LEGO elements. Attendees will take with them instructional strategies and curriculum ideas to implement robotics into their classroom, school, or district.

(+)The iPad in Education

In this three-hour, hands-on workshop, participants will examine the features of the iPad, learn its strengths and weaknesses, and discuss the role of the iPad in the classroom.

(+)iTeach, iLearn: iPad In the Classroom

This hands-on workshop takes you beyond "cool apps" for the iPad to how to best use the mobile device in the classroom for authentic learning. Participants may bring their own iPads or register to use one of TCEA's and then develop an entire integrated lesson on a particular TEK or topic. The lesson will include a variety of resources, all of which can be accessed on the iPad, that focus on the differentiation of learning, both process and product, for each student. Note: This is not an introductory course. Participants should already be familiar with basic iPad functions before attending. If a participant does not already have an iPad, he/she may purchase one from TCEA.

(+)Language Arts and Social Studies Using 3D WEDO Models (Grades K-4)

Now that you've learned the WeDo system, find out more about enhancing integrating classroom instruction using robotics. Participants will discover specific TEKS that can be easily and effectively addressed by the WeDo system.

(+)Leadership Skills

Using Jim Collins' "Good to Great" principles, participants will learn what distinguishes a Level 5 leader, will create a BHAG for their campus/district, define their Hedgehog Concept and core values, and create a Mars Group for effective change.

(+)Leading with the iPad

This session goes beyond "cool apps" and discusses how campus and district leaders can use the iPad to be more effective and efficient in their jobs. Attendees will learn how to manage classroom implementations of these devices. They will practice using apps to project and will see what peripheral devices can and should be used with the iPad. Note: This is not an introductory course. Participants should already be familiar with basic iPad functions before attending. If a participant does not already have an iPad, he/she may purchase one from TCEA.

(+)Legal Issues in IT

This webinar will present legal interpretations of current technology issues, including email archiving, student privacy, acceptable use, and more.

(+)Legislative Update

Stay current with state and national discussions on educational technology topics in this free-tomembers webinar series.

(+)Lunch and Learn

Grab your lunch and join us online each week in this free-to-members webinar series as we discuss topics of interest to all educators. Bring your ideas to share and meet new friends and colleagues.

(+)Making the Most of Your TCEA Membership

Not sure what being a TCEA member really means? This quick, free, monthly webinar will explain all of the great benefits of membership and show how you can gain more from this outstanding association supporting innovative educational technology. Tune in and find out what you're missing today!

(+)Making the Move Toward Blended Learning

Blending "regular" teaching and learning with online and virtual experiences provides new ways for students to be successful. This webinar will explore how to begin incorporating blended learning into your classroom with ease.

(+)Mobile Devices in Education

Having trouble keeping up with the technological advances of mobile devices for uses in education? Not sure how these devices can be used in the classroom? This session will discuss the value of using SMART phones, iPhones/iPod touch, and iPads in education, highlight relevant Web 2.0 applications, and showcase applicable 21st century skills. Participants will interact with the technology and explore possibilities for new or improved mobile device implementations. Problems using these devices and solutions to solve those problems will be discussed.

(+)The New Technology Application TEKS and You

This webinar will examine the newly-adopted Technology Application TEKS for grades K-12 and what they should look like in both the regular and the technology classroom.

(+)Personnel Management

Technology leaders will discuss personnel issues related to hiring, documentation, firing, and team building. They will explore the best ways to organize their staff and how to grow them as a team.

(+)Planning and Hosting a Robotics Competition

Find out what it takes to host a campus or district robotics contest that's fun and educational for kids, easy for teachers, and increases parent involvement.

(+)Problem-Based Learning

This monthly webinar series of ten sessions will focus on the implementation of problem-based learning in the classroom. Participants will explore why this approach is so valuable to students and will get hands-on practice in using it in their own classrooms. The integration of technology with PBL will also be discussed.

(+)Programming Your Nao Robot

Learn how to use Choregraphe to program the Nao robot to its full potential. Become familiar with the drag-and-drop programming language at its most basic level and then progress to more advanced topics in this hands-on, two-day workshop. (OS)

(+)Providing Amazing Customer Support

This session for technology leaders and technical support staff will focus on providing quality customer support. Participants will explore what 21st century support looks like and how to implement it on a daily basis. They will also practice dealing with "difficult" clients.

(+)Publishing Your Own eBooks

Participants will learn how to have students create eBooks for sharing both in the classroom and with the world. Both free and for fee resources will be discussed. (OS)

(+)QR Codes in the Classroom

This webinar will examine ways to use Quick Response Codes in the classroom to engage students and enhance learning.

(+)Record Retention Requirements

Participants will understand the guidelines and rules for record retention. State requirements for both digital and physical records will be covered. Note: This session is free to members.

(+)Reinventing 21st Century Education for Millennial Learners

Reinvent your teaching practice by attending this one-day, highly interactive workshop. This session goes beyond productivity tools and explores strategies and best practices for classroom integration at all three tiers of technology integration. Learners will be exposed to strategies for modifying lessons to create learning environments that will help students take advantage of these new tools and systems to become life-long learners. The session will focus on 21st century skills as defined by ISTE's NETS for students, the Partnership for 21st Century Skills, and Tony Wagner's Seven Survival Skills. Come explore and design contentrich, 21st century learning environments. (OS)

(+)Searching for the Perfect Search Engine

This webinar will examine ways to search effectively beyond the simple Google search, including a variety of search engines and directories.

(+)SketchUp Pro for the Classroom

Attend this one-hour fast paced webinar to learn how SketchUp Pro can be used in the language arts, math, science and social studies classrooms. Tips and strategies for integrating this tool will be shared.

(+)Snap, Record, Share with Jing: Creating Anytime, Anywhere Learning

Revolutionize the delivery of your instruction and provide opportunities for anytime, anywhere learning. Using Jing, participants will create rich content in a visually creative format that targets all learning styles. (OS)

(+)Surviving a BY OD Implementation

Thinking about allowing students to bring their own devices to school next year? Join us in this webinar as we discuss how to make BYOD work. Discussion will include the advantages and pitfalls of such an implementation, revising your AUP into an RUP, classroom management, and helping teachers to adapt.

(+)Teaching with Primary Source Documents: Making History Come Alive

There's a wealth of primary source material available on the web now. How can you use these great resources in your classroom to foster higher-order thinking skills and still cover your required TEKS? Join us as we discuss this exciting topic! (OS)

(+)Technology Applications for the Elementary Classroom (Grades PreK-2)

Learn how to integrate Technology Applications TEKS into the core curriculum. Design great projects to enhance student achievement and help them learn how to use different types of technology. (OS)

(+)Technology Applications for the Elementary Classroom (Grades 3-5)

Learn how to integrate Technology Applications TEKS into the core curriculum. Design great projects to enhance student achievement and help them learn how to use different types of technology. (OS)

(+)Thinkfinity Train-the-Trainer Certification Course

This two-day session is designed for educators who would like to become Verizon Thinkfinity Field Trainers to teach end users on their campuses or in their district. A portion of this session will be focused on providing an overview of the Thinkfinity program and instruction on locating and integrating Thinkfinity's online educational resources to support student learning. Attendees will also receive access to free training resources through Thinkfinity's Trainer Toolbox, as well as Thinkfinity's database management system to track and review training data. (OS)

(+)Tips and Tricks for Arena Contest

This webinar will provide participants with tips and tricks for success at the TCEA area and state robotics contests in the area of Arena competition. Past winning methodologies and strategies will be showcased and analyzed.

(+)Tips and Tricks for Inventions Contest

This webinar will provide participants with tips and tricks for success at the TCEA area and state robotics contests in the area of Inventions. Past winning projects will be showcased and analyzed.

(+)To Block or Not to Block: That Is the Question

The Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA ) has specific requirements that school districts must follow in blocking and filtering Internet access. But what are those requirements? What must be blocked for students? What for teachers? This free-to-members webinar will discuss the legal necessities and school choices involved.

(+)True Technology Integration

Participants will understand what technology integration is, and, more importantly, what it isn't. They will examine examples of true technology integration and will develop one of their own to take away.

(+)Understanding and Building 21st Century Skills

Using Tony Wagner's "Survival Skills for the 21st Century," participants will explore exactly what students must master before they leave our schools. They will discover different ways to help students build these skills through technology.

(+)Using Google Analytics to Improve Your Website Traffic

Use Google's free web tool to analyze your web traffic, reduce your bounce rate, and improve your average time onsite. Know who's visiting your site and where they're coming from. Find out your busy times and what is getting the most hits. (OS)

(+)Using Technology to Differentiate Instruction for All Students

Technology is the perfect tool to help differentiate instruction for all students, whether gifted and talented, ESL, special needs, or regular. Spend a day learning how to easily provide multiple ways for students to learn required content. (OS)


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