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TCEA Announces 3D Design Contest Winners

May 2, 2017

Austin, Texas: A number of teams from schools throughout Texas competed in TCEA’s first 3D Design Contest. In its pilot year, the contest was only open to high school students; however, TCEA hopes to expand the contest to include more grade levels in subsequent years. All entries were judged by TCEA members who have experience working with 3D design fundamentals. After tallying the results, the top five winners have been announced.

Team Name
EZ – Stand
N.W.A. Nail without Agony
Changing Jordan’s Life in a Click!
Team Sponsor
Mika Morgan
Glenda Moore
Teresa Smith
Joy Schwartz
Holli Horton
Archer City ISD
Burkburnett ISD
Brady ISD
Beaumont ISD
London ISD

The winning team from Archer City ISD designed 3D printed adjustable eyeglasses that could be cheaply produced for people worldwide. They called their product Vivamus, and they hope it can help some of the 285 million people globally who suffer from vision impairment and a lack of accessible, affordable eyewear.

“All of the teams that submitted entries in the contest are to be congratulated for their hard work and creativity,” said TCEA Executive Director Lori Gracey. “The students demonstrated their ability to work collaboratively, consider and respond to universal problems, and apply critical thinking to develop solutions. And the solutions that they developed for real-world problems are absolutely amazing.”

TCEA offers student competitions like the 3D Design Contest and area and state Robotics Contests to encourage students to take an active role in learning. The 3D Design Contest asked students to showcase their learning using technology and engineering thinking to identify and solve a real-world problem. Teams were composed of no more than four high school students and a team sponsor. Each team designed a product using 3D design software. In addition to their final design, teams submitted a logbook with notes on their engineering design process and a video marketing their creation. For more information about the 3D Design Contest, see here:

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