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Written by Lori Gracey

Looking for a template to get your students started on a project? We’ve found some great Google Docs templates to use as they are or change up to match your classroom.

Sometimes, a content area teacher may not want to worry with the trouble of having students start a technology project from scratch. Instead, he or she may want to use an already-prepared template so that students can focus more on the content than on the mechanics of the technology. Here are some great Google templates for students to use either as their project starting block or for ideas.

Cross-Curricular Resources

  • Ask and Respond Template – Use this template and Google Slides to get information from your students about something they’ve read or studied, what they’re thinking, or their favorite band.
  • Baseball Review Game – This great review game in Google Slides is technically for teachers and not students. But it was so great that I just had to share it with you.
  • Flippity – Flippity provides nine different templates that are designed more for teacher use, but could also be used by students. All of them take data from a Google Sheet and transform the information. My favorite is the Mad Libs one.
  • Google Drawings Chess and Checkers – If only as a way to have students learn more about how Drawings works, these templates are a valuable classroom addition.
  • Infographic Templates – Eight different templates for creating beautiful infographics are available. Infographics are an excellent way for students to organize and summarize key information that they’ve learned.
  • Jigsaw Activity Template– Use this Google Slides template whenever students are placed in groups for a jigsaw learning activity.
  • More than 40 Google Drawings Templates – These are amazing templates that are perfect for students of all ages in math, ELA, science, and notetaking/organizing information.
  • Motivational Poster Template in Google Drawings – Have your students use either the horizontal or the vertical poster to share a favorite quote, a main idea, or something important to them.
  • New Templates from Google – Google has released a variety of new templates, including a nice book report template from Reading Rainbow.
  • Power Up Your Spring with Flowers – Use Google Slides to help your students create beautiful flowers for a special someone. Have them list words that describe their creations or, for older students, have them create a poem or short story about them.
  • Tammy Worcester Tang’s Favorite Templates – Our favorite convention speaker, Tammy, has 40 templates perfect for student use.
  • Twitter Fictional Account Template – Use this Google Drawing template to have students create fictional Twitter accounts for literary characters, famous people in history, scientists, and more. The creator of this template also offers an infographic template, Harry Potter’s Daily Prophet newspaper, templates for Time Magazine and National Geographic, and a comic book template.
  • Vocabulary Slide Deck – This great template based on the Frayer model is a perfect way to learn any new words.
  • Wanted Poster – This template is perfect for learning about famous people in history or characters in literature.

Elementary Templates

  • Elementary Student Newspaper – This is the perfect way for elementary students to create a classroom or project newspaper. It includes room for several articles, ads or quotes, graphics, and even a graph. The template is available for both a one-page and a two-page newspaper. Older students may use this template with four articles and accompanying graphics. If your students need to create a newspaper about colonial times, this template and accompanying rubric will work well.
  • One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Sorting Template – Have your elementary students do this fun activity to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday on March 2.
  • Pixel Art Template – This template, at its simplest level, is a paint-by-number activity great for younger students. At its more complex, students can use the template to create fun pixel art.
  • Super Digital Citizen – Have your students in grades 2-5 practice their digital citizenship with this innovative template.
  • Self Evaluation – This is a very simple evaluation form for elementary students to complete about themselves. It asks them “How is it going for you?” in several different subjects: writing, reading, and math.

English/Language Arts


Templates for Science/Social Studies

  • Exploring Human Heredity – High school students work in groups of three to investigate human heredity with this template.
  • Historical Facebook – Students can plan a “fake” Facebook page for a historical figure. A literary Facebook template is also available.
  • Infographics Toolbox – Challenge your older students to take existing data they would normally just read over and create amazing infographics highlighting key points with this beautiful template.
  • Map of the United States – Use this colorful map of the US to study any type of geographic, political, or historical data.


If you would like to learn how to create your own templates in Docs, this four-minute video is perfect. And learn how to take basic templates to the next level with HyperDocs – an innovative lesson in Google Docs that contains everything the student will need. You can find additional HyperDocs by searching the hashtag #hyperdocs in Twitter.

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(Additional resources for this blog were added on March 10, 2017.)


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