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Leadership Courses for K-12 Educators

Written by Miguel Guhlin

If you are an instructional leader who wants to continue growing, then mark your calendar to participate in these free K-12 Education Leadership online courses available in January, 2017. With the goal to drive systemic change and improve education, these courses are incredibly powerful and cover important topics like design thinking, gamification, and deep learning.

About the Leadership Courses

Created by Microsoft and edX member universities, these K-12 Education Leadership courses guide K-12 school and education system leaders in developing their teachers, enhancing classroom learning, and improving student outcomes in innovative, effective digital schools. Each course includes an About This Course section, a description of what you will learn, and the option to add a certificate that can be posted or shared via LinkedIn. Each Microsoft-funded course provides resources to K-12 school leaders. The goal is to meet the needs of leaders around the world at the intersection of education and technology.


Course Schedule

Arrange your schedule as follows:

Allow Yourself to Be Engaged

I found myself genuinely interested in the content of several courses. From topics like “Bringing people together around ideas they care about” to “Measuring progress and adjusting along the way,”  these processes are sure to prompt problem solving and thinking.

Support Growing Leaders

TCEA knows how important it is to scaffold growing leaders’ efforts as they work to bring about needed changes in schools. We also know how hard it can be to find professional learning resources that support leading within a teaching and learning environment. Microsoft and edX make this possible for us with high-quality anytime, anywhere learning.


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