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teacher appreciation
Written by Lori Gracey

TCEA has created a variety of wonderful resources to celebrate teacher appreciation week and to thank those who are our heroes every day.

There are, unfortunately, relatively few heroes still seen in our world today. And even those who are heroes may not be easily identified by their capes or their white hats or their shining armor astride a white horse. But one set of heroes that we can all agree on are our teachers, the ones who work day in and day out with all of our nation’s children. There is no dedicated group of individuals in the world like you.

The Battles You Fight

In honor of your amazing work and your love for our students, TCEA would like to thank you for the following heroic endeavors as you battled a variety of monsters and evil adversaries, including:

  • The late nights spent trying to come up with yet another way of making math fun
  • The hours put in doing cafeteria/before school/after school/bus duty
  • The time away from your family working on lesson plans and parent contacts
  • The tears shed over each child who struggled or suffered or was lost
  • The strain on your own budget as you purchased essential classroom supplies and meals for hungry students
  • The constant need of your students for just a little more attention, a little more time, a little more love
  • The criticism you suffer from well-meaning friends and family (“What an easy job; you only work nine months of the year!” “Why do you look so tired? You just have to babysit kids all day!”)
  • The overwhelming number of subjects and topics you must teach every day, whether you are an elementary teacher or a high school physics teacher (citizenship, proper hygiene, good manners, life skills, applying for a job/college, making good decisions)
  • The attacks by the media and some legislators on your professional judgement and dedication

Teacher Appreciation

teacher appreciationIn the midst of all that you do, please take time and enjoy the teacher appreciation fun that we have put together to celebrate your daily heroism. There is a playlist of relaxing music for you to unwind to; amazing discounts on all kinds of products; and ed tech tips and tricks to make your job easier and even more enjoyable.

Teaching is a calling, an overwhelming response to the question of “What can I do to make the world a better place.” We thank you for answering that call, not just once, but every single day. THANK YOU!


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Lori Gracey

Lori Gracey has 28 years of experience in education, with 22 years as a curriculum and technology director. She currently serves as the executive director of the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) and is responsible for training technology directors, administrators, curriculum supervisors, and teachers across the country. During her nine years in this position, she has led TCEA in membership and revenue growth, helped to pay off their building and purchase a new, larger building, and implemented new conferences, partnerships with other associations, and professional development opportunities for members and non-members. She serves more than 17,000 members and oversees a staff of 21. Lori is also on the board of the Texas Society of Association Executives and SXSWedu and recently served as the Regional Program Chair for the ISTE 2017 Convention in San Antonio.

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